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Best Bars in Portland, OR


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Portland city in Oregon State is known for being the food capital of the Northwest. The creativity and freedom in the city make it one of the best places to have an adventure out to the bars. These bars exhibit dedication, passion, and creativity making Portland a town with plenty of places to grab a drink. From lively clubs to eccentric hangouts and everything in-between, below are some of the best bars to wind down your day. 

Paydirt Bar.

Located on 2724 northeast Pacific Street, Portland, Paydirt bar is a relaxed hipster-friendly serving whiskey, craft beers, and creative aperitifs. This particular bar has one of the prime selections of beers and liquor and is rated by the standards of this liquor city. Like most of Portland’s exceptional bars, Paydirt has a diverse selection of craft beers and liquor, which stands out. This selection also does not rule out the variety of whiskeys and unique aperitifs, which are hard to resist. The service at Paydirt is top-notch, and their menu has plenty to offer with special drinks. 

Vintage Cocktail Lounge.

Vintage Lounge is a comfy laid-back bar that serves a variety of latest and classic cocktails. Located on northeast Pacific Street, you cannot go wrong with Vintage Lounge for an exquisite night out full of fun and enjoyment. This peculiar bar has mixologists with extensive and unique skills serving their customers with simple and innovative mixes advancing the barrier of art. The Vintage bar has a vast cocktail menu that includes gin, sugarcane, whiskey, and vodka-based cocktails. There is nothing of your choice you cannot find on their extensive menu. So after a long day, pop in at their bar and order yourself a drink in a cozy setting.

Muse Wine Bar.

Muse Wine Bar is an excellent cozy bar serving craft beer, wine, and charcuterie on Northwest Raleigh Street, Portland. Muse bar is the place to be when you want a relaxed and warm night out where you can enjoy fantastic food and drink. Muse bar, like any other best bar in Portland, has a vast selection of both local and European wines on its menu. Additionally, this bar has more to offer than just wine and food, as it also has a variety of beers and ciders. The outdoor patio is a nice cozy place to accompany your choice of drink with the most delicious meal on the menu. The knowledgeable waiters are always happy to help whenever you have trouble deciding what to settle on. 


Bar Botellon.

Botellon bar is a rustic-designed bar that serves hand-crafted tapas washed down with lots of sangria. Located on 606 northeast Davis Street in Portland, it has a touch of Spain and is the best place to wind down with a drink. Botellon, a Spanish instill tapas bar, is a perfect spot to catch up with your crew over incredible beverages. Their sandwich and tapas menu is delicious and spectacular in town. This particular bar is best known for its handmade sangria, the main drink on the menu. In addition to their famous sangria, they have a vast wine and craft beers menu you can select. 

Kells Brewery.

Located on Northwest 21st Avenue, Kells Brewery is an Irish-inspired bar offering crafted beers and traditional delicacies. This particular bar, unlike other bars, does not have the conventional Guinness tap; instead, they make their beer in the Irish style. In addition to their famous Irish-brewed beer, they also have a wide bourbon, whiskey, and cocktails menu. This bar is perfect for a relaxed and cozy night out with friends. Besides their extensive drink menu, Kells Breweries also serve traditional Irish food with a unique twist. 

Santé Bar.

Santé Bar is located on Northwest Park Avenue. This bar is comfy and low-key, offering plenty of cocktail menus and community vibes. The tables inside the Santé bar are made from wooden pallets, which is where most of the action is. Despite the few seats inside, the bar has a wide range of cocktails classified by spirit type. These drinks are a must, from cold-pressed coconut cream to fiery spicy beverages. Some of Portland’s craft cocktail scenes at this bar include the spritz and refreshing, classy grapefruit, gin, shrub, and rosemary, or the Wise Head with Cointreau, rye whiskey, and bitters. 


Rum Club. 

Located on the Southeast Sandy Blvd, Portland, Rum Club, true to its name, is a laid-back and tight bar that offers tropical cocktails (rum). Rum Club has a wide variety of rum-based cocktails on its menu, giving you plenty of options. Besides the rum-based cocktails, the bar also serves other cocktails for those not interested in rum. In addition to serving delicious cocktails on their menu, Rum Club also has an extensive food (tropically inspired flavors) menu; as a result, it poses as one of the best bars in town. The bar inside has a West Coast traditional décor with a contentious and cozy atmosphere for a fun night out; hence is a perfect place to hang out while catching up over drinks and food. 

Cerulean Wine. 

Cerulean wine is a refreshing industrial wine bar and an eatery with veranda seating. Located on Oak Street, Hood River, this bar is one of Portland’s most famous wine tasting bars. The cerulean bar has a vast wine menu to choose from, and whichever wine you get to order, you will be having some of the finest wine from Oregon. The Cerulean Winery (family-owned founding near Columbia River Gorge) supplies the bar with wine from their cellars. The Winery in River Hood is just minutes from the bar where you can visit or check out their Portland frontier. In addition to wine, Cerulean bar also offers meals and snacks made from produce sourced from farmers’ markets nearby. The wine bar also has a modern in-house art gallery where you get to enjoy art while enjoying the food and wine. 



The Portland City bar scene is back in business after two years of pandemic disturbance. The two years were rough for both the bar and the restaurants. Post COVID-19 vaccine mandate has now allowed bar scenes to return to normal, and as a result, you can enjoy happy hours. Easing these measures, therefore, poses a better time for a well-made drink, ideally with a side of bar bites. Like national parks and restaurants, bars offer rise to the highly regarded sense of belonging and community that identifies “third space.”