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Looking for a list of the best things to do in Allentown, PA? Our local experts have been working diligently on creating lists of the best things to do, from outdoor activities to nightclubs in Allentown, PA. Below is a list of the topics we have investigated and listed in comprehensive ‘things to do” lists.

What you’ll find in the list, including the best hiking spots, best restaurants, best hotels, best tours and attractions, the best place for photographers, and national parks near Allentown, PA, and more are being added daily.

Follow along with us so you don’t miss out on any of our new Allentown, PA updates and let us know how we’re are doing by adding a comment below. We hope you enjoy the list.

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Best Hiking Spots in Allentown, PA

You might not think of hiking when you think of Allentown, PA but within an hour from the city, there are some amazing places to explore with outstanding trails. As close as 10 minutes from the outskirts of Allentown, PA you’ll find a range of trails, hidden gems, and full-fledged national parks with great hikes for any enthusiast.

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Hiking in Allentown, PA | best hiking trails in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA hiking trails | hiking around Allentown, PA


Best Bars in Allentown, PA

Looking for the best local bars in Allentown, PA? We all know how great it can be to find a spot to relax and cut loose. There’s a time and place for everything and now is the time to find Allentown, PA bars.

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Bars in Allentown, PA | best bars in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA bars | bars around Allentown, PA | Local Bars in Allentown, PA


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Best Restaurants in Allentown, PA

With this list, your tastebuds will say “bonepetite” and then jump up and give you a high five because they love these selections of deliciousness so much. Looking for the best restaurants in Allentown, PA? Steakhouse restaurants, vegan, healthy restaurants, and everything in between. Our team has created a list of the top Allentown, PA Restaurants.

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Restaurants in Allentown, PA | best Restaurants in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA Restaurants | Restaurants around Allentown, PA | Local Restaurants in Allentown, PA


Best Hotels in Allentown, PA

Looking for the best hotels in Allentown, PA? A few of the most popular hotels near Allentown, PA are not hard to miss. From one to five star hotels, to cheap and pet-friendly hotels in Allentown, PA.

Hotels in  | best Hotels in  |  Hotels | Hotels around  | Local Hotels in

Hotels in Allentown, PA | best Hotels in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA Hotels | Hotels around Allentown, PA | Local Hotels in Allentown, PA


Best Tours in Allentown, PA

Looking for the best tours in Allentown, PA? Then look no further than our comprehensive list of the top Tours near Allentown, PA. No matter if you’re an adventurer or a history buff, you are sure to find something you’ll love to tour around the Allentown, PA area.

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Tours in Allentown, PA | best Tours in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA Tours | Tours around Allentown, PA | Local Tours in Allentown, PA


Best Attractions in Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA Attractions are just moments away from the heart of town. Special events, parks, parades, and architecture are just a few of the Attractions near Allentown, PA. From modern marvel Attractions to local favorites Attractions you’re sure to find something you love in Allentown, PA

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Attractions in Allentown, PA | best Attractions in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA Attractions | Attractions around Allentown, PA | Local Attractions in Allentown, PA


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Most Photo-Worthy Spots in Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA is such a beautiful place, that it’s sometimes hard to select only a few of the best photography locations in Allentown, PA. However, in this list, we’ve made our best attempt at listing the top spots to take photos in Allentown, PA from the heart of town, just outside, or a few miles away. If you love photography, be sure to check out our list of the best spots for photos. From gorgeous outdoor scenes, to breathtaking architecture Allentown, PA has it all.

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Photography in Allentown, PA | best Photography scenes in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA Photography | Photography around Allentown, PA | Local Photography in Allentown, PA


Best National Parks near Allentown, PA

Outdoor lovers, nature is calling, birds soaring overhead, and the open road falling in the distance—you’re looking for the best national parks near , so don’t fight it. Check out this list of the best National Parks just around the corner from Allentown, PA. Our crew of experts compiled this list for the avid national park adventurer.

National Parks in  | best National Parks in  |  National Parks | National Parks around  | Local National Parks in

National Parks in Allentown, PA | best National Parks in Allentown, PA | Allentown, PA National Parks | National Parks around Allentown, PA | Local National Parks in Allentown, PA

Many individual that visit Allentown love it the first time they land there. Although it is not a popular city in the United States, you will be surprised at the things in Allentown. It is a small, but a beautiful town with many tourist attractions that you should check out. You can plan a short side trip to the city while going to New York city. Once you do, you will revisit Allentown for a fun vacation. If you are not sure whether to include Allentown in your itinerary, read the article below. We have highlighted some of the unique things to do and the incredible laces to visit in this destination.

Allentown fish hatchery

The fish hatchery contains several pools covered nets to protect the fish from predators. Looking into the water you will see numerous trout. However, the water’s color may make it hard to see the fish forcing you to crouch down. You will also read about the history of the hatchery and different types of trout on the signs displayed on the wall. Send your afternoons buying fish food and feeding trout as it only costs one dollar per bag. Moreover, the hatchery has a nature trail going up the hill that you can hike. There is also a creek for catch and release fishing in the hatchery.

Visit Trexler Memorial Park

It is one of the best and largest parks in Allentown. You need to schedule plenty of time when visiting Trexler, so that you have time to see everything in the park. First, the park has a lake with geese and ducks. It also has a waterfall that you will enjoy viewing. In addition, there are many walking trails, mainly open fields with deep woods. You will also find the cabin belonging to Mr. Trexlar in the park. The park is a unique destination that allows you to explore the forest without going deeper into the woods. Further, the park has walking and cycling paths ideal for families. You can take leisure walks or run through the beautiful and well-maintained macadem path of the park. The flat terrain is appealing as you can take your elderly parents for a walk or young children to bike. Trexler Memorial Park provides a perfect opportunity for you to work out in nature. You will refresh your mind walking in the park while enjoying the gorgeous views and fresh air.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

It is found in Lehiga Valley and features two parks, though you will only pay for one. Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom occupies 200 acres of land. It is one of the popular amusement parks in the U.S combining thrills and family fun. The park has over 100 rides, and shows for tourists to enjoy. They have seven roller coasters, the best-ranked water parks. Beat the heat by splashing around in the Wildwater Kingdom. It has a tremendous collection of splashes such as wave pools, tubing rives and water slides. What’s more, the new Seaside Splashworks has many play facilities to engage adults and kids for hours. You will go sideways, upside down and vertical on the roller coasters making your head spin and heart throb. The favorite coasters include Steel Force and Talon: Grip of Fear. Furthermore, the park has a children’s theme-park with a collection of rides. Kids can also enjoy live performances at the park. The family care center has nursing rooms and stations for changing diapers making it easier to enjoy your time at the park.

Assunpink Wildlife Management Area

Want to experience nature in Allentown? Be sure to check out this area. It is located near Trenton in New Jersey. Assunpink is open to the public throughout the year. It has a lake where you can enjoy a picnic session. Alternatively, you can walk or jog in the smooth trails. The area has excellent views for an exciting sightseeing. You can choose from the numerous activities to engage in or spots to relax. In addition, Assunpink Wildlife Management Area has great fishing areas that you can access with a boat. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Go hiking in the best trails in Allentown

Allentown has several scenic trails where you can hike, bike, trail run or participate in other outdoor activities. You will be provided with hand-curated trail maps and photographs of the best spots to choose from. Before going on a hike, read reviews from nature lovers to discover the best routes. The trails in Allentown have kid-friendly routes and are smooth enabling you and your family to have an easy time. Further, they have historic sights perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Rose Gardens Loop is one of the trails near Allentown. It is an easy route covering 1.93km. Individuals mainly road bike, trail run and walk in this area. Therefore, you are likely to meet people as you explore. Dog owners can take their pets to the trail, but ensure they are on leashes.

Liberty Bell Museum

Situated in the historic Church, the museum is a home to replica of the Liberty Bell. You will learn about the history of America. You can also bring your family for a quality experience.

Enjoy the Best Hotels

Allentown has the most incredible hotels. You will not miss your home when you visit the lace due to luxurious hotels like Comfort Suites. Others that offer the best places to spend your nights in the town are Western Lehigh Valley and Hyatt Place Bethlehem. If you fancy a good night sleep after an exhausting day, be sure to book the perfect accommodation in Allentown.


Are you planning to visit the U.S and are not sure whether to spend your holiday in Allentown? We have got you covered. Discover the numerous interesting destinations and things you can do in Allentown by reading this article. Do you appreciate surreal nature or learning about the American history? Or perhaps you prefer adventure and thrills? Allentown has all the attractions and activities you hope for regardless of the group you fit in. Make your way to the destination and get a memorable experience.


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