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Looking for a list of the best things to do in Baltimore, MD? Our local experts have been working diligently on creating lists of the best things to do, from outdoor activities to nightclubs in Baltimore, MD. Below is a list of the topics we have investigated and listed in comprehensive ‘things to do” lists.

What you’ll find in the list, including the best hiking spots, best restaurants, best hotels, best tours and attractions, the best place for photographers, and national parks near Baltimore, MD, and more are being added daily.

Follow along with us so you don’t miss out on any of our new Baltimore, MD updates and let us know how we’re are doing by adding a comment below. We hope you enjoy the list.

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Best Hiking Spots in Baltimore, MD

You might not think of hiking when you think of Baltimore, MD but within an hour from the city, there are some amazing places to explore with outstanding trails. As close as 10 minutes from the outskirts of Baltimore, MD you’ll find a range of trails, hidden gems, and full-fledged national parks with great hikes for any enthusiast.

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Hiking in Baltimore, MD | best hiking trails in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD hiking trails | hiking around Baltimore, MD


Best Bars in Baltimore, MD

Looking for the best local bars in Baltimore, MD? We all know how great it can be to find a spot to relax and cut loose. There’s a time and place for everything and now is the time to find Baltimore, MD bars.

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Bars in Baltimore, MD | best bars in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD bars | bars around Baltimore, MD | Local Bars in Baltimore, MD


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Best Restaurants in Baltimore, MD

With this list, your tastebuds will say “bonepetite” and then jump up and give you a high five because they love these selections of deliciousness so much. Looking for the best restaurants in Baltimore, MD? Steakhouse restaurants, vegan, healthy restaurants, and everything in between. Our team has created a list of the top Baltimore, MD Restaurants.

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Restaurants in Baltimore, MD | best Restaurants in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD Restaurants | Restaurants around Baltimore, MD | Local Restaurants in Baltimore, MD


Best Hotels in Baltimore, MD

Looking for the best hotels in Baltimore, MD? A few of the most popular hotels near Baltimore, MD are not hard to miss. From one to five star hotels, to cheap and pet-friendly hotels in Baltimore, MD.

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Hotels in Baltimore, MD | best Hotels in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD Hotels | Hotels around Baltimore, MD | Local Hotels in Baltimore, MD


Best Tours in Baltimore, MD

Looking for the best tours in Baltimore, MD? Then look no further than our comprehensive list of the top Tours near Baltimore, MD. No matter if you’re an adventurer or a history buff, you are sure to find something you’ll love to tour around the Baltimore, MD area.

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Tours in Baltimore, MD | best Tours in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD Tours | Tours around Baltimore, MD | Local Tours in Baltimore, MD


Best Attractions in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD Attractions are just moments away from the heart of town. Special events, parks, parades, and architecture are just a few of the Attractions near Baltimore, MD. From modern marvel Attractions to local favorites Attractions you’re sure to find something you love in Baltimore, MD

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Attractions in Baltimore, MD | best Attractions in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD Attractions | Attractions around Baltimore, MD | Local Attractions in Baltimore, MD


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Most Photo-Worthy Spots in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD is such a beautiful place, that it’s sometimes hard to select only a few of the best photography locations in Baltimore, MD. However, in this list, we’ve made our best attempt at listing the top spots to take photos in Baltimore, MD from the heart of town, just outside, or a few miles away. If you love photography, be sure to check out our list of the best spots for photos. From gorgeous outdoor scenes, to breathtaking architecture Baltimore, MD has it all.

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Photography in Baltimore, MD | best Photography scenes in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD Photography | Photography around Baltimore, MD | Local Photography in Baltimore, MD


Best National Parks near Baltimore, MD

Outdoor lovers, nature is calling, birds soaring overhead, and the open road falling in the distance—you’re looking for the best national parks near , so don’t fight it. Check out this list of the best National Parks just around the corner from Baltimore, MD. Our crew of experts compiled this list for the avid national park adventurer.

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National Parks in Baltimore, MD | best National Parks in Baltimore, MD | Baltimore, MD National Parks | National Parks around Baltimore, MD | Local National Parks in Baltimore, MD

The city of Baltimore offers a variety of features and recreation areas where you can visit and have a lively experience when in town. The moment you get to the seaside city, you will quickly feel the calm in the air with many beautiful scenery and structures to behold. However, there are a lot of features that are hidden away waiting for you to make a discovery trip around the city.

You must first understand your financial circumstance when picking the places and activities to enjoy while in the city. The variety of scenery and services in different spaces will allow you to plan and get the most satisfying experience. The following are some places and activities that you must try out when in Baltimore City:

Visit the Movie Theatre

The movie theatres in Baltimore are an important aspect of city life, especially when you have free time in the evenings. The movie nights are a huge relief from your day’s activities because you get a chance to watch a movie from popular production studios. The cost of such an event is low, and you can take your loved one with you to catch a favorite show.

You can also find theatres showing live plays and performances that you will enjoy witnessing first-hand. The entertainment at the theatre will be a memorable experience if you are into such content since you see the action in its pure form. The casual nature of such an event means you can make quick plans to get tickets without worrying about things like fashion expectations.

Nature Walk at the Park

Another option is to visit a park where you can spend the day sitting in the shade or walking up and down the attractive paths. The Federal Hill Park along the harbor is one such place where you are guaranteed to have a special outdoor nature experience. The proximity to the sea makes the park ideal for an afternoon out where you can relax.

The serene nature and landscape views at the park will help to keep your mind clear and improve your mood and attitude after a long week. The air around the park is clean and smells good, and you get to experience a calmness that is missing in the urban spaces where noisy activities happen. Taking a walk around 5he park will also improve your physical well-being alongside restoring your ental clarity.

Fig. 1. A serene park

Take a Sailing Tour at the Harbour

Make sure that you find time to sail at the inner harbor for an exclusive evening experience at the seas when with a loved one or the entire family. There are boats where you can make a reservation as couples where you are at sea with other couples but each with a private section for private engagements. Alternatively,  you can find a sailing boat to accommodate several friends and family alongside the crew to take you out to sea.

Fig. 2. A sailing harbor

The benefit of sailing out into the seas in the evenings is that you can witness the sunsets while out in the open waters with loved ones. The unique view of the sun disappearing beyond the vast stretch of water is a sight that will satisfy your mind. The crew members will also narrate interesting tales about different topics about the city’s seaside ecosystem. The experience and lessons you get to learn will be worth it, considering you will spend a reasonable amount.

Visit History Museums

The city has several historical places that you can visit alongside your friends when you are not working on other things. The museums are a place to enjoy different views while getting a chance to learn about some historical events whose documentation is on display in such places. They are ideal for a family day out on a weekend when you need to spend time with people you care about outdoors.

The Railroad History Museum in Baltimore City is one of the places you should go to due to its popularity and uniqueness. The place holds the documentation of car and locomotive revolution stages in its catalog, which you can view if you are an enthusiast. Alternatively,  you can visit the Baltimore Museum of Industry, where you are sure to see the elements of industrial evolution. The benefit of museums is that they allow you to see history unfold through the decades and centuries until today.

Fig. 3. The Baltimore Railroad History Museum


Cruise Food Tours

Taking a cruise where you get dinner and different entertainment options while out on the waters should be on your to-do list in Baltimore. The cruise ship will be out in the sea for a few hours, during which you get drinks and dinner to enjoy while listening to live performances. Some also have live deejays playing your favorite music while you take in the cool breeze of the early night water.

The cruise tours are ideal for when you are in the city for your honeymoon holidays with your spouse. It is a memorable event that will set the mood for an enjoyable night in the seaside city. Although the cost of the experience is high, it is important to find cruises within your price range.

Visit the Standout Landmarks

Baltimore City presents several natural and artificial landmarks that you will enjoy witnessing when you get to the city. The Washington Monument is one such landmark that boasts countrywide popularity. Make it your priority to arrange to get to the site to take photos for your memories during your stay. The place also offers activities such as rope climbing which are exciting.


Despite the predominant activities such as nightclubbing and sports watches, Baltimore City also boasts of other exciting experiences. The calm seaside offers the best go-to activities, such as sailing and cruising, leaving you yearning to come back again. It is important to plan well before traveling to ensure you have the funds to sustain your stay and activities in the city. Additionally, acquire the map of the city and weather information to ensure that you plan daily activities after a thorough analysis. Getting a tour guard when you take the whole family will prove important in historical spaces because of the narrations about the sights.