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Looking for a list of the best things to do in Beverly Hills, CA? Our local experts have been working diligently on creating lists of the best things to do, from outdoor activities to nightclubs in Beverly Hills, CA. Below is a list of the topics we have investigated and listed in comprehensive ‘things to do” lists.

What you’ll find in the list, including the best hiking spots, best restaurants, best hotels, best tours and attractions, the best place for photographers, and national parks near Beverly Hills, CA, and more are being added daily.

Follow along with us so you don’t miss out on any of our new Beverly Hills, CA updates and let us know how we’re are doing by adding a comment below. We hope you enjoy the list.

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Best Hiking Spots in Beverly Hills, CA

You might not think of hiking when you think of Beverly Hills, CA but within an hour from the city, there are some amazing places to explore with outstanding trails. As close as 10 minutes from the outskirts of Beverly Hills, CA you’ll find a range of trails, hidden gems, and full-fledged national parks with great hikes for any enthusiast.

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Hiking in Beverly Hills, CA | best hiking trails in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA hiking trails | hiking around Beverly Hills, CA


Best Bars in Beverly Hills, CA

Looking for the best local bars in Beverly Hills, CA? We all know how great it can be to find a spot to relax and cut loose. There’s a time and place for everything and now is the time to find Beverly Hills, CA bars.

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Bars in Beverly Hills, CA | best bars in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA bars | bars around Beverly Hills, CA | Local Bars in Beverly Hills, CA


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Best Restaurants in Beverly Hills, CA

With this list, your tastebuds will say “bonepetite” and then jump up and give you a high five because they love these selections of deliciousness so much. Looking for the best restaurants in Beverly Hills, CA? Steakhouse restaurants, vegan, healthy restaurants, and everything in between. Our team has created a list of the top Beverly Hills, CA Restaurants.

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Restaurants in Beverly Hills, CA | best Restaurants in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA Restaurants | Restaurants around Beverly Hills, CA | Local Restaurants in Beverly Hills, CA


Best Hotels in Beverly Hills, CA

Looking for the best hotels in Beverly Hills, CA? A few of the most popular hotels near Beverly Hills, CA are not hard to miss. From one to five star hotels, to cheap and pet-friendly hotels in Beverly Hills, CA.

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Hotels in Beverly Hills, CA | best Hotels in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA Hotels | Hotels around Beverly Hills, CA | Local Hotels in Beverly Hills, CA


Best Tours in Beverly Hills, CA

Looking for the best tours in Beverly Hills, CA? Then look no further than our comprehensive list of the top Tours near Beverly Hills, CA. No matter if you’re an adventurer or a history buff, you are sure to find something you’ll love to tour around the Beverly Hills, CA area.

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Tours in Beverly Hills, CA | best Tours in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA Tours | Tours around Beverly Hills, CA | Local Tours in Beverly Hills, CA


Best Attractions in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA Attractions are just moments away from the heart of town. Special events, parks, parades, and architecture are just a few of the Attractions near Beverly Hills, CA. From modern marvel Attractions to local favorites Attractions you’re sure to find something you love in Beverly Hills, CA

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Attractions in Beverly Hills, CA | best Attractions in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA Attractions | Attractions around Beverly Hills, CA | Local Attractions in Beverly Hills, CA


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Most Photo-Worthy Spots in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA is such a beautiful place, that it’s sometimes hard to select only a few of the best photography locations in Beverly Hills, CA. However, in this list, we’ve made our best attempt at listing the top spots to take photos in Beverly Hills, CA from the heart of town, just outside, or a few miles away. If you love photography, be sure to check out our list of the best spots for photos. From gorgeous outdoor scenes, to breathtaking architecture Beverly Hills, CA has it all.

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Photography in Beverly Hills, CA | best Photography scenes in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA Photography | Photography around Beverly Hills, CA | Local Photography in Beverly Hills, CA


Best National Parks near Beverly Hills, CA

Outdoor lovers, nature is calling, birds soaring overhead, and the open road falling in the distance—you’re looking for the best national parks near , so don’t fight it. Check out this list of the best National Parks just around the corner from Beverly Hills, CA. Our crew of experts compiled this list for the avid national park adventurer.

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National Parks in Beverly Hills, CA | best National Parks in Beverly Hills, CA | Beverly Hills, CA National Parks | National Parks around Beverly Hills, CA | Local National Parks in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills City in California is famed as a home for a good number of Hollywood celebrities. It has a population of about 34,000 people. In Beverly Hills, you will experience scenic gardens and high-end stores, restaurants, and hotels. This article entails information about things to do and places to see while in Beverly Hills.

Photo by David Vive on Unsplash


Anyone you ask will tell you to ensure you get an experience of Rodeo Drive while you are in Beverly Hills. This is a two-mile-long street with luxury stores and notable landmarks. Take a walk or drive along and see the sites, maybe even get a souvenir or two. Even if you do not buy anything, window shopping is just as satisfying.

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

You can also do some sightseeing along Mulholland Drive. This is said to be the home of many celebrities. You will definitely not see any of them, but it is fun to see the neighborhood. If you take a guided tour, you will even get to know which celebrities live where. While at it, you will get a view of the San Fernando Valley, the famous Hollywood sign, and the Los Angeles Basin as you go along.

A trolley tour is also an excellent way to overview the city while learning historical facts. One takes about forty minutes, and it will be worth your while. Hiking is also something to try out while you are around.

Venues to Visit

While there are a lot of exciting places to see in Beverly Hills, here is a compilation of sites you should try not to miss:

  1. The Greystone Mansion and Gardens

This historic mansion belonged to the Doheny’s and was built in 1928. It contains 55 rooms. The villa is surrounded by beautiful gardens comprising a variety of trees and lovely flowers. There is also a fountain on the premise. Though you may not be able to get into the mansion depending on when you visit, the garden scenery is very much worth taking in.

  1. The Frederick Weisman Art Foundation

Here, you get to see Frederick R. Weisman’s private art collection of more than 400 works. You can make an appointment for a guided tour to see the estate and the gardens around.

  1. The Virginia Robinson Gardens

This place was put up in 1911. The beautiful gardens have a variety of trees, flowers, vegetables, and herbs. The tours are strictly guided. They are free of charge, but it is necessary to make a reservation first.

  1. The Sprinkles ATM

Who wouldn’t fancy an ATM for cupcakes? The Sprinkles ATM is your typical ATM, but it produces your cupcake of choice instead of cash. This is something worth experiencing before you leave Beverly Hills.

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

  1. Beverly Gardens

Take a walk around the Beverly Gardens, and take a picture under the famous Beverly Hills sign for posterity.

  1. Franklyn Canyon Park

This vast park is the place to go whether you are on your own or with family. You will find hiking trails, lakes, and forests to explore. On top of that, there is a nature center and a duck pond with countless species of birds.

  1. The Cheese Store

If you are fascinated by cheese, you should make a stop at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. You will get to experience the different aromas of a selection of more than 500 types of cheese. Who even knew there were that many types of cheese in the first place? Even if you are not that interested in cheese, this is something worth exploring as you go along.

  1. Gagosian Gallery

Get to experience world-class art at the Gagosian Gallery, set up in the early eighties. It is a place that plays host to many notable art exhibitions from time to time.

The Best Hiking Trails

If you are up for a hike, head up to Franklyn Canyon Park. There are three hiking trails here, and you can pick whichever one you want to explore based on the difficulty. You can also find routes at Beverly Gardens Park and Coldwater Canyon Park.

The Best Restaurants

You will find that many restaurants in Beverly Hills are a bit pricy, but the culinary experience will be worth it.

Consider sampling the menus at South Beverly Grill, Lawry’s the Prime Rib, and Nate n Al’s. Lawry’s Prime Rib has been around for over seventy years and is worth checking out. You can drop into Capital Seafood for some Chinese and fast service for international cuisine. Matsuhisa is the place to go if you want to try out Japanese cuisine. Mirame has excellent Mexican food and is well known for its generous portions, so you can consider going there as a group.

The Best Bars

For your drinking pleasure, consider Honor Bar and the Ten Pound Bar. You will get the best Scottish Whisky at the Ten Pound Bar. If Vodka floats your boat, pop into Nic’s Beverly Hills for the best Vodka and a variety of Vodka Martinis. Visit The Heritage Wine Bar for a good selection of wine any day and live music on Friday evenings for your wine.

Shows and Events to Look Out for

If you love performed arts, catch a show or two at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Should you pass by in May or October, the Beverly Hills Art Show takes place during the third week at the Beverly Gardens.

The Best Hotels

Photo by Nina Hill on Unsplash

Beverly Hills is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the USA. These include the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hotel Beverly Terrace, Mosaic Hotel, and Avalon. Be sure to spend a few comfortable nights in one of these places.


Whether you are just passing by or staying for a while, Beverly Hills has fascinating sites and activities to keep you engaged till you leave.


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